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Our Expertise In "Fit For Purpose" Governance

"The most common reason for being taken into Supervision is a failure in good Governance."

Good Governance goes to the heart of good social housing.
With DWA's considerable experience and commonsense practical approach we advise Boards on how to achieve Good Governance, create visible Leadership and govern well whilst supporting and adding value to the work of senior managers and staff.

A key aspect of this work is DWA's Boardcheck addressing the 6 Principles of Good Governance outlined in the Good Governance Standard for Public Services (published by the Independent Commission for Good Governance in Public Services). It helps Boards measure themselves against the Good Governance Standard and build an Action Plan for improving Governance in their organisation.

Other aspects include:

  • Building Successful Strategies & Developing Your Vision And Values
  • Managing Change and Risk
  • Managing Your Reputation And Image & Achieving Excellence
  • Board Appraisal
  • Our track record

    DWA assignments have included:

    • Writing The Board Members Handbook For Wales
    • Reviewing Board Effectiveness
    • Supporting Boards Going Through Difficulties
    • Preparing for Registration
    • Succession Planning For Boards And Board Member Appraisal

    Our Managing Director regularly trains and advises Boards. She frequently speaks at Governance Conferences.

    DWA's Topical Tip - Fit For Purpose Governance:

    A common mistake for Boards is that they often confuse "ends" with "means". To avoid falling into that pitfall ask yourselves two simple questions: What is this organisation for? And; How will the world be different as a result of us being in business? Once you can answer these two questions you can then set your criteria for success and focus on getting the right results.

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