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Our Expertise In Managing Strategic Change

"A key aspect to this topic is your communication skills and how well you are able to win hearts and minds."

In a fast-moving world, staff and other stakeholders can often feel left behind by the pace of change.
You can initiate a programme of positive change and have in place a supportive infrastructure for your people.
However, managing change successfully needs:

  • Intense Selling, Which Comes "From The Top"
  • An Open Learning Culture That Encourages Participation
  • Time And Resources To Provide The Right Support

Our track record

At DWA we have supported many organisations going through periods of intense change:

  • Organisational Re-Structuring Or Other Critical Periods Of Change
  • Reviewing Services In Preparation For Forthcoming Inspection
  • Setting Up New Landlords For Housing Stock Transfer
  • Helping Organisations Work Their Way Out Of Supervision

We know the 6 main barriers to change and we can help you overcome them. We can help you review your communication strategies and implement the 6 key activities for managing strategic change and changing paradigms.

DWA's Topical Tip - Managing Strategic Change:

Change is a process you have to go through; there is no "quick fix". To be successful you need to communicate "like never before" and work hard to gain people's commitment. Also, remember to stay flexible – don't "over organise"... the trick is not to "lose any babies with the bathwater".

Sharpening Your Competitive Edge

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