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Our Expertise In Organisational Development

"Customers are not impressed by high sounding Mission Statements. They judge you by the quality of service employees actually provide. And then they tell at least 9 other people."

We know that social housing has never been so demanding. In particular, we recognise the need for a sharply-focused, excellent organisation. Neither is it piecemeal - you have to be good at everything. What is more, if we look into our crystal ball we see only that it is getting tougher and more challenging.

We know what you need to remain vital and responsive. We believe that it is more than policies, strategies, plans and budgets; it is about leadership, vision and organisational effectiveness from top to bottom, root and branch.

Our organisational development starts by building on what you have already achieved and helps you to increase your effectiveness by identifying and offering you new perspectives on how your organisation performs in the current competitive climate.

DWA's Healthcheck for organisations is unique. It examines 5 key aspects of your organisation and identifies your key strengths and your areas for improvement.

Our track record

We have 15 years of experience in helping to build and develop successful, winning organisations.
We have:

  • Helped Clients Gear-Up To Meet Challenges Such Audit Inspections
  • Mentored Senior Managers To Help Improve Team Performance
  • Advised On The Governance And Management Of 7 Brand New RSL's
  • Supported Organisations As They Refocus On Their Core Values

DWA's Topical Tip - Being the Best:

Successful organisations have outstanding leadership:

  • 1. Leaders that are visible
  • 2. Leaders that provide a vision and care about it passionately
  • 3. Leadership thrives where there is clarity of purpose

"Fit for Purpose" Governance

What we offer