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Getting the best from DWA

We flourish in a professional and business atmosphere that is based on:

1. The Task in Hand

DWA operates as a "task culture". We pride ourselves on a job well done.
We are adaptable and form specific teams for specific assignments. Lead consultants are chosen for their specific knowledge and skills. Influence in DWA is based on expertise not rank.

We thrive when assignments recognise and value expertise, problem-solving abilities and where creativity is valued and nurtured.

2. Service Excellence and Quality

DWA has a passion for quality. David Williams was trained by Tom Peters in the early 1990s and we are committed to the Excellence model of Quality. However we also have considerable experience of implementing Total Quality Management, Best Value and ISO 9000. We have used the Business Excellence Model as a yardstick for research for the Housing Corporation.

We flourish when our clients share with us our passion for quality.

DWA has been recognised as an Investor In People.

3. Project Management

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver complex assignments on time and on budget. DWA employs experienced project managers who deploy a number of specialist techniques and approaches to facilitate our successful management of any assignment.

We do our best work with clients who appreciate sound Project Management.

4. Plain Language

DWA's real strength is our ability to communicate. We are skilled Communications Consultants and believe that information should be communicated as simply and set out as clearly as is possible.

We believe that language is rich and versatile and allows us to say what we mean using short, vigorous, everyday words which most readers and listeners will find familiar and which maximises understanding – whatever the language. DWA strives to be clear, concise and correct in all its communications.

We welcome working with clients who share our commitment to plain language, empowerment and effective communication.

5. Honesty

We are committed to honesty in all our dealings: honesty in our project pricing, honesty in our project management and honesty with clients. We do not encourage clients to become over dependent on consultants.

We also believe in exposing serious mismanagement or serious breaches of best practice or regulation in an appropriate manner.

If you share our commitment to openness we would like to hear from you.

6. Equality of Opportunity

We believe that everyone who comes into contact with DWA should be treated fairly and not in any way disadvantaged because of age, disability, ethnic origin, class, gender, tenure, marital status, race, sexuality or other factors.

If you also believe that everyone should be allowed the opportunity to participate in the parts of society they choose and benefit from the services they need we welcome an opportunity to work with you.