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DWA's training team provides excellent training that is Powerful, Practical and Effective.

  • Best Practice In Housing Management
    Step-By-Step Guides To Improve Overall Performance
  • Customer Service and Service Excellence
    Healthchecks And Practical Techniques To Use Immediately
  • Community And Resident Empowerment Strategies
    Rules For Designing Relevant And Responsive Strategies That Work
  • Service Improvement Made Easy
    Engaging And Thought Provoking. Changing Mindsets. Innovating
  • Change Management Strategies
    How To Change People's Thinking, Attitudes And Behaviour
  • All Aspects Of Good Governance
    Our Boardcheck Is A Powerful Tool For Improvement
  • Negotiation Techniques
    Checklists That Develop Winning Strategies
  • Problem Solving Techniques
    Learn How To Get A Huge Number of Good Ideas Quickly
  • Crisis Management
    How To Manage A Crisis Quickly And Effectively
  • Reputation Management
    Five Rules To Protect Your Corporate Reputation
  • Risk Analysis And Risk Management
    Not Just One Off Risks But Sequences Of Events
  • The Management Of Large Projects
    The Do's and Don'ts Of Coming In On Time And On Budget


  • DWA's "Getting The Job Done" Packages
    Our Workforce Development Programmes
    Our Management Development and Mentoring Schedules
  • DWA's "Communications Toolbox"
    Presentation Skills – Developing Your Corporate Personality
    Plain Language And Effective Communication
    Developing Diversity Strategies And Managing Diversity